What clients say

“Your tour was the highlight of our trip. We completely enjoyed it from the moment we got there until, well, we are still enjoying it. You are an excellent teacher; reaching out to your audience with a variety of tools. Involving your audience and making them feel as though maybe they discovered that shooting star or the satellite that catches the suns rays just right. You offer a wonderful service at a very affordable price.

–Kimberly and Keith
Irving, Texas

“Everyone in our group really loved the time you spent with us—enthusiastic references to it, and you, came up a number of times during the rest of our stay. I’m delighted we connected with you. It definitely was a highlight for folks, despite the temps. (If we return and do it again we’ll know to bring more warm clothes!) Everyone appreciated both the glimpses of the sky you gave us and your enthusiasm and passion for the subject.”

–Mollie Hoben
Minnesota Women’s Press, Inc.

“I just wanted to thank you for the great stargazing – you were a wealth of information, and we really appreciated all the knowledge and fun you brought to our evening. You helped make our vacation very memorable!”

–Tanya Bunyard
King Salmon, Alaska

“We very much enjoyed the sky tour and felt inspired to learn more about Astronomy. Your knowledge and enthusiasm were impressive and helped make the subject come alive. We enjoyed seeing such an expanse of sky under good conditions and being ‘pulled along’ by your considerable enthusiasm.”

–Ken and Walter Boehling
California and England

“My wife and I attended Peter’s astronomy tour during our honeymoon in Santa Fe, NM. It was a truly amazing experience. We learned a lot, but most importantly we had a great time. We would highly recommend anybody to attend an Astronomy Adventures tour, and we will definitely attend again next time we are in the area!”

–Bjorn B.
San Antonio, TX

Thank you for the wonderful tour of the sky. We are thankful for your professionalism, enthusiasm, knowledge, excitement, technology, warming hut, story-telling and just generally making our time with you very memorable.

–Wesley & Alana
Houston, TX

“WOW!!….It’s humongous!!…It’s bigger than you Mama!!”
(looking at the Moon)
–Anaïs Aiello
Denver, CO

“Thank you for the stargazing program. We were just amazed at the stars, planets, clusters, satellite, moons of Jupiter and constellations. As most of us live near the city, we do not get to view the heavens with much clarity. We learned a lot and were very pleased with your friendly expertise. Your directions are precise and we drove right to the site.”

–Janet Polcaro

“Our Astronomy Adventure was a stellar highlight of our vacation. Mike and I learned so much from you. Your boundless enthusiasm made our experience all the more memorable. You have renewed our interest in the night sky with a vengeance! Both of us had sweet dreams that evening, with visions of nebulae and bright planets, dancing in our heads. We just can’t stop talking about it! Let’s not forget the added ambiance of shooting stars, ‘UFOs’, space stations, and howling coyotes.

Thanks again for your knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication. That’s what made it a true adventure.”

–Audrey & Mike Nagel

Thanks for the fabulous star tour. I’ve done a variety of star-gazing activities in several different places, and this was absolutely top-notch – very educational and also entertaining. Plus, I was lucky enough to be there on a night with great viewing, no moon, and Venus, Jupiter and Mars all viewable in one 2-hour window. It was the highlight of my trip!”

–Carl Johnston