Find your playground in the stars

We have a wonderful natural resource here in New Mexico – dark skies that allow us to see a greater density of stars than in many other states. Getting a peek at our increasingly rare dark skies can help make your trip to New Mexico as enchanting and memorable as possible. When people take a guided tour of the night skies, it can have an extraordinary impact. Anyone can look at the Milky Way on a crisp, clear night and appreciate its beauty. But without guidance, most people look up only briefly or feel overwhelmed by a vast heaven that seems remote and inaccessible.

Having a friendly, low-key guide to help you make sense of what you are seeing and experiencing the natural wonders of the night sky with your own eyes will bring your textbook knowledge of the universe to life. Astronomy Adventures tours highlight objects that are most favorably placed depending upon the time of year. A large Newtonian reflector telescope is used with a mirror that is 20 inches (.51 meter) in diameter! Taller than most people when pointed straight up, it can show a great amount of detail on planets and the moon as well as star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies many light years distant. It is easily disassembled for transport almost anywhere.

Tours are conducted at the Astronomy Adventures dark site – a short drive from Santa Fe. Specific directions to our safe and secure location are provided once your booking has been confirmed by payment. Tour start times vary by season. If you have questions or need additional information, call me at 505-577-7141 and visit the frequently asked questions page.

Photo courtesy of Steve Conover